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asparagus gruyere tart

i made this asparagus gruyere tart for Joe’s family’s holiday party. it was so quick & delicious (and festive looking!). J came home late and we rushed to the party with food in hand. everyone had already started eating, drinking and socializing so we got right down to business (the eating,drinking and socializing business that is).

too bad they all called it an asparagus pizza.

recipe found here

holiday crafting

Wiz and I got into some holiday crafting on Sunday. She picked apart the holiday spruce, chased after berries and kept dipping her paws in the epsom salt. But after an hour of holiday music & wire cutting, we made some pretty cute (and easy) holiday decorations!

All you need: 

 glass jars (mason jars will do)
votive candles
fake berries (i bought a string of berries)
fake spruce (cut up some holiday garland)
epsom salt

1. fill the bottom the glass jar with epsom salt 2. place the candle inside 3. decorate with fake berries & spruce. I even threw in a fake poinsettia for our centerpiece for the island.

Easy peasy.